Bad Nieuweschans /

Bad Nieuweschans is located on the Dutch-German border and is famous for its health resort. LaKaserna is surrounded by some forest, nature areas and an old, typical Dutch, rural polderlandscape. At just 8 kilometers you will find the Ems-Dollard estuary, a natural area, part of the Wadden Sea, World Heritage since 2009. Not far across the border lies the beautiful town of Leer, and a little further away is Emden with its famous Kunsthalle (Museum of Modern Art).

LaKaserna. The historic headquarters dates back to 1918 and is located on the edge of the fortified citadel (circa 1628). In the late 19th century, the Royal Military Police expanded to Northern Netherlands, and later the need arose for purpose built headquarters for the Marechaussee.

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